Hi,I'm Chloe,Latina.REAL PHOTO, I have a beautiful and exotic face, Eyes that you will never forget Come totally confident, I assure you that you will returne Hello my name is Chole, I am an independent escort, my PHOTOS ARE REAL, I have a beautiful, exotic face and some eyes that you will never forget (I hide my face because I want to keep my privacy) but you can come totally confident and I assure you you will come back ... I am the woman of your dreams, a beautiful and exotic Latina woman with knowledge of the arts of love, sex and sensuality. I am intelligent, funny, lover of happiness, romantic and affectionate. I will transport you to a new world of love and pleasure with the most sensual and sweet kisses that you have ever tasted, you will live the elegance and romance of an erotic, loving and unhurried encounter, you will taste every moment with softness, delicacy and implication. I am independent so I can devote myself without any ties to find pleasure together enjoying a Real GFE (Girlfriend Experience). My body, my mind, my heart and my passion I dedicate in every second to make you happy and take you to the delirious ecstasy of passion. Once you are in my arms you will forget that the world exists. Call me and book your appointment in advance please, so I can prepare for you


  • Sukupuoli Nainen
  • Ikä 30
  • Paino 53
  • Pituus 165
  • Silmät Ruskea
  • Rintojen koko C
  • Rintojen tyyppi
  • Hiusten väri Ruskea
  • Hiusten pituus
  • Matkustaminen
  • Suuntautuminen
  • Tupakointi Ei
  • Tarjoaa
  • Etnisyys
  • Kansallisuus
  • Voi tavata
  • Kielet English French Spanish


    • 15 minuuttia: -
    • 30 minuuttia: 100.00
    • 45 minuuttia: 150.00
    • 60 minuuttia: 200.00
    • 90 minuuttia: -
    • Lisatunti: -
    • Yolta: -
    • 12 tuntia: -
    • 24 tuntia: -
    • 48 tuntia: -

  • 15 minuuttia:
  • 30 minuuttia:
  • 45 minuuttia:
  • 60 minuuttia:
  • 90 minuuttia:
  • Lisatunti:
  • Yolta:
  • 12 tuntia:
  • 24 tuntia:
  • 48 tuntia:


    • Anaali Kyllä
    • Klassinen seksi Kyllä
    • Gfe (Girlfriend experience) Kyllä
    • Oraaliseksi käyttäen kondomia Kyllä
    • Oraaliseksi ilman kondomia Kyllä



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